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How to become the Best Photographer in East Africa

Complete Guide to Becoming the Best Photographer in East Africa

Introduction: Who is a best Photographer?

If you are to meet a random person on the street or anywhere, what runs into their head as who  photographer, Wikipedia tells me A photographer is someone who is skilled at taking pictures or photographs with a camera. So the best photographer in a City like Kampala, Juba Nairobi or a region like East Africa is someone who has mastered the craft and is incredible and taking photos and editing themIn After Dawn Media our photographers have mastered the art and have what it takes to bring your photos to life. In this world of today we believe in trials so try us today and see for yourself am sure you won’t have second thoughts. Check out

Tips for Shooting Great Photos on Your Own  as a best photographer!

I borrow this from one of the greatest the region is proud of Oscar Ntege, a model to many including me as tips for becoming a better photographer if not best.

Keep the horizon straight. – The BENT horizon makes the image look as if its contents are flying out of the edge.
Focus precisely. – Focus takes the story of the picture forward with the composition. So
look carefully at where you are focusing.
Pay attention to cropping. – Do not crop people in the image around the wrists and
ankles where a small portion of the body remains outside the image; It is “visual amputation” such a composition mistakes are rudimentary.
Consider the compositions. – A good starting point for photo composition is the rule of thirds, but other types of compositions are worth a try.
You can also Take a perfectly symmetrical
image with the main subject in the center.
It is your role as The photographer to make
conscious choices here.
Master Retouching. – No matter what camera you are using, retouching will has the ability to turn an average image into extraordinary master piece.
Depending on the kind of photography you do of course. This is also a matter of taste, but we are often annoyed when images shrink in quality due to bad retouching.
That tip is not for photojournalists its for people in the Creative glamour photography genres.
Avoid poor-quality lights. We often see images with the terrible tones (that greenish or magentaish tint) due to using lights with low CRI.
When you find your self in such situations consider moving your subject closer to a window, if not out, and take advantage of daylight. Natural light will always be your best bet.
Speak life into your subjects. – Take the time to look for different poses and
expressions. Also, try different angles until your own style begins to take shape.

Conclusion: How to Become the Best Photographer in Your City

For us considering Juba or Kampala where we are based we have set a tone for people to talk about and we continuing to bring the best in people. Market your brand and do the best am sure you have it in you already if you are reading this.

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